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Argonáuticas 2.0

Detectivismo Literario


jueves, febrero 21, 2008

"He shuffles and moves in closer, his skin sharp with cold, igniting that lingening instinct to warm what's next to you. It's almost as though we could drop this whole pretense of so many years, wiggle into one another, make sweat-happy teenage love. Instead I slide the sole of a foot onto his icy calf"

Robyn Joy Leff, Burn your maps


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Si yo fuera Harry Potter

jueves, febrero 07, 2008

Colectivo Blue Noses
Título: If I were Harry Potter
Autores: A. Shaburov, starring V. Mizin, K. Skotnikov.
Año: 2003
Técnica: DVD, 7:40 min

Imagen vía:
Guelman e-gallery


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