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Argonáuticas 2.0

Detectivismo Literario

Beach Boys

miércoles, agosto 13, 2008

Imagen: Coney Island. Bruce Gilden


Por P. E. Rodríguez/R.Coll, 11:09 a. m.


Panita, me hiciste recordar un asunto demoledor:

El año pasado tuvimos la superleche de tropezarnos con una exhibición de fotografía callejera de Nueva York. Había una serie, tomada por Dory Thanhauser en 1985, que tenía esta descripción:

These images were made at Brighton Beach Baths, a beach club in Brooklyn. The subject of these pictures is the senior citizen membership there. Most of these women are jewish, widows, and first or second generation Americans. These are women who are aware that they are growing old; their bodies are deteriorating, their stamina is waning, and their friends are dying. This is a difficult time. But at the Baths, they put on their costumes, make up their faces, and surround themselves with people they have known for years. People who are haunted by the past, scared of the future, and yet, enjoying themselves. They exist in a strange tense—the combination of the past idealized and the present maximized. The band strikes up at three o’clock every afternoon; the women choose their dancing partners and once again are free to become people they never really were. The presence of a camera, another prop, adds one more dimension to this play—an outsider to witness, validate, and record this reality.


Las fotos son para llorar. Son básicamente nuestras madres ahora, a diez o quince años de su muerte.

Traté de buscarte las fotos en la web pero no las conseguí…
Gracias por el dato, Pratt. El texto podría aplicarse perfectamente a esta fotogragía de Gilden. Voy a ver si encuentro más.


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